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When Nothing Makes Sense to You Any Longer This is The One You Need To Trust


 In all of your hurt and pain, know that God is restoring you double.

In life we go through good times and bad times. You might have lost a loved one, you might have had an accident. Maybe you lost your business and maybe you are not happy with yourself or your looks. Maybe nothing seems to make sense any longer.

When you are in that situation, hold on tightly to GO:.

Let go of control and know that God our Father protects you in his hand. Do you know that HE is through and through good AND he really wants the best for you. HE is so incredible good that he will turn any curse, any obstacle into a huge blessing in your life. Not sure how it works, but God is good and He loves to give.

Let God be God in your life. He is so much bigger. Strop trying to find out every reason why things are happening. Be at peace knowing that in HIS favour for you HE is working for you.

Job was one of the most righteous people on this planet, and yet he lost his family, his home. his herds of goats and cattele. He had to go through terrible pain and  rejection. Job just held onto God, trusting that HE would carry him through.

Learn to trust him, even when all the circumstances in your environment seem to make no sense at all.

God is the only one to run to.