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[Video] The Cutest Baby Commercial That Will Make You Smile Because You Already Have Something Better

Eternity In Our Hearts – Jesus Promised You Eternal Life

There is a space inside of us that only God our Father can fill. One of our deepest desires is to live eternally. Whenever a person died we have the feeling it was not the right time. Unless the person was sick and in pain, we generally feel it was too early for the person to die.

We are made for eternity. Originally God never intended for us to die and therefore we will never feel it was the right time to die.

Commercials offer us products to, be healthier, feel younger, be younger. The marketing experts play with our fears and emotions and they suggest that we prolong our lives satisfying our longing for eternal life.

Watch this video – it is so cute. However – remember Jesus is the spring of Living Water. When you drink of His water ( take in His teaching and His truth) you will never be thirsty again. The best of all is: Jesus offers it for free!

Nobody can offer the refreshing water which Jesus offers. He has the words that lead you to eternal life.

When you watched this video we suggest that you praise Jesus who gives you daily His living water instead of you buying Evian water.


Have a great start into your new week.