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(Video) Let Your Light Shine

Be Light and Let it Shine Wherever You Are Today

I am convinced we are all gifted and we have some great talent. Maybe you have not yet discovered yours. Be curious and listen to your heart, be daring and try. When you found it, keep practising to become better at what you do. Every artist, every great sports man is practising numerous hours. However, start showing your talent today – it really doesn’t need to be perfect.

With your gift you spice up the world around yourself. Don’t miss out your opportunity to be a blessing to others. Decide today to be a blessing to others. God already prepared the good works for us to do (Eph 2,10) and automatically you will shine the light which is inside of you.

I does not mean that you need to stand on stage like the little girl in this video. It can be a small simple act of kindness. Especially if you follow Jesus, you have something special inside of you that the world is longing for today.

Learn more from this 5-year-old girl.Watch this video and be bold and courageous like her to apply your talent today.