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[video] Jesus, So Much Bigger Than Religion

The difference between following Jesus and following religion:

Jesus is so much bigger than religion. He did not come to start a new religion, but to give you freedom and life.

Religion is a set of rules and kills life, takes freedom and kills joy. People following a religion can go to church, bow their heads in prayer, light a candle or take the communion. They might do and say the right things in public but in private they behave contrary to their Sunday appearance. They could have all sorts of bumper stickers, underlined bibles, long prayers, big financial gifts, keep away from alcohol or wear Christian t-shirts. In itself it all might be good until it becomes critical to of the belief system. Jesus never mentioned any of these activities to be critical for your salvation.

Religion is a ritual system and people following these rituals hope that at the end of their time they will have done enough good deeps and be accepted by God.

This is clearly not the message of grace and love by Jesus. It is so easy to miss the point. It is not us who need to work to be righteous before God. It is a gift and there is nothing that we can add or do; it is the blood of Jesus that cleanses us. HE sets us truly free to enjoy life with HIM and we can only accept this gift.

Please help us to spread the Good News by sharing this post and help others find purpose in life beyond a set of rules. Especially so many young people are searching to find meaning in life and they do not find it in religion. This is one of the coolest videos that explains why we need Jesus and not religion.