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(video) Impressive Documentation of Comfort Just Through Words from a Trusted Person

The Word of a Father to His Minutes Old Baby Have an Unimaginable Effect

Words are much more than sound waves. Words have the power to build or to destroy. Words create emotions and an atmosphere for the people around you. They can build and atmosphere of trust where people feel safe and of acceptance, where people feel loved and appreciated. When people are relaxed and not on the lookout, ready to defend themselves they are at their best to grow, to be creative and productive.

Interestingly enough science has proofed that already in the mothers womb children react to sound and they recognize voices. Michael Jr. was meeting his newborn girl minutes after her birth. It is amazing to see her react to her father’s voice.

You as a parent, a leader, coach or teacher have authority. When people trust you, your words penetrate into the person’s mind easily and far. Your words are powerful and they can make or break people. Use and choose your word wisely that they are encouraging and uplifting.

In case you want to give correction be wise: Don’t waste a good mistake, learn from it!

Enjoy this short video from Michael below and be inspired to choose your words wisely as a coach, leader or parent. In other situations you can find yourself in the need of hearing the Fathers voice. Your heavenly Father is speaking to you constantly. The key is to be still and hear him whisper: Be still, I am here, I love you!


Thanks to Michael Jr. Comedy for this wonderful video