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Sadie Robertson from the reality television series Duck Dynasty is young and yet has a lot of reflected experiences in her life.  Today she is sharing a simple but powerful message about life and self-confidence. Stop comparing yourself:

Know that you are original and “Live original.

Being a star, Sadie’s message has gone viral: No one is perfect! She makes herself vulnerable and shares about her fears, doubts and jealousy. We love the thoughts she is sharing and how she sets an example herself to be real and to live original. She says,

I want to see people start to live original, you know, stop being ‘this is my goal’, ‘this is this’, ‘this is that’, if you want to have goals, that’s great, but my point is don’t look at somebody and say that’s what I want to be because in reality if you’re seeking self-approval or human approval, you’re never going to reach your goal.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, however our environment tells us all the time we are not enough. We are in a constant battle. Set your mind on God’s word. HE loves you the way you are and he is continuing to shape you. Sadie points our that we need to seek God is the only approval first, and it is actually dangerous to compare yourself in order to others to find worth and build your self-esteem. She shares from her Bible reading, “This is what the Bible says about jealousy. It says it’s cancer to the bones.

Check out the video to hear Sadie’s powerful words, and we wish that you will find your strength in God your loving father!