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[video] Hilarious! So Funny And So True: The Body Of Christ With A Fresh Perspective

“In Which Organization Do You Work?” A Full-time Worker Was Asked, His Answer Was HILARIOUS!

Are you frustrated with your church at times? Do you get up some mornings and wonder if what you do is meaningful at all?

Sometimes we tend to look at the shortcomings of the church and we loose sight for the good which the church brings to this world. We can only hold one truth in our mind and either we are disappointed with the church and we feel like the church is failing us. Honestly we will never find the perfect church. But we can look at all the good that the church is doing and it is humbling to see what is going on world-wide.

We all have the need to belong – and we assure  you: Being part of GOD’s family a people without limits or borders is an incredible privileged. GOD is preparing His people to be the beautiful, loving bride for His son Jesus.

You are part of GOD’s amazing plan saving people for eternal life. You are important and you are strategically placed by GOD to bring light to the dark world.

This pastor reminds us about Mr. Bean – he is super funny and yet his words are so true.