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[Video] Fresh New Perspective: Rejoice And Celebrate, Because Of The ONE Who Always Covers Your Back

At times we wake up and already then we get stressed out. Thoughts pop into our minds and we feel overwhelmed and entertaining these thoughts can make us feel really lousy if not even depressed.

Maybe we think

  • we are sooo tired – and actually your body starts feeling really heavy too the more we think about it.
  • it is just too much – we might not know what – but it is just this general feeling.
  • my job, children, husband are too hard to deal with….

All these kinds of thoughts are energy draining and joy-killers. If we think about the wrong things all the time, our feelings will align and our life will look like the way we think about it. Your thoughts can harm you.

This is a trick from the devil. You do not have to entertain every thought or emotion which pops into our mind.

  • You have the power to reject evil thoughts through Christ. (2. Cor.10.5)
  • and you can do all thinks through Christ who strengthens you. (Phil.4.13)

Watch this video to boost your faith and to be encouraged on page 2