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[video] A little glimps of Heaven on Earth: Dolphin Asks Diver for Help Removing a Fishing Hook

Dolphins are known to be one of the most intelligent animal species on our planet. Mankind has a special relationship to Dolphins and swimming with Dolphins has become a therapy to various sicknesses. There are numerous stories about Dolphins rescuing people – this time Keller Laros has the to help a Dolphins when he came asking to remove a fishing Hook.

Watching this video I was wondering how beautiful paradise must have looked like when man was communicating with animals. Maybe you too can discover a little bit of heaven on earth in this video.

While diving with manta rays in Garden Eel Cove off the coast of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, co-founder and vice president of Manta Pacific Research Foundation Keller Laros encountered a troubled bottlenose dolphin — somehow the poor cetacean got its left pectoral fin snagged by a fishing hook.


Thankfully, Laros and his crew were there to give a helping hand to the struggling dolphin.


Watch the video to see Laros work his magic!



Thanks to therainforestsite for posting this article