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[video] 7 Biblical Responses To The Upcoming Fourth Out Of Four Blood Moons On September 28 2015 To Give You Peace And Strength

This is rather a untypical post for Strength Gazette, but in the media, spiritual, financial and Christian circles there is a new viral topic: the upcoming Tetrad – the sequence of four blood moons within 18 months.

As Strength Gazette we are dedicated to strengthen believers in their faith and to help them to become strong and mature followers of Christ. As we believe that the we as God’s church need to be relevant in this world, we chose to pick up this subject. Instead of generating fear, Strength Gazette wants to inform you, give you facts and a biblical perspective. We wish that you will be encouraged to trust Jesus in all circumstances, even in the chaos and turmoil of this world.

The Tetrad – the four blood moons in a row in less than 6 months apart. Some religious leaders predict the end of the world and the return of Jesus Christ. They claim that in the last days the sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood according to Joel 2,31 and Luke 21, 25.

Financial experts predict the end of the US Dollar and a severe financial collapse.


What is a blood moon? When the moon rotates through and is completely covered by the shadow of the earth, the moon will reflect the red light from the atmosphere, just as we are experiencing a sunset.

Click here to watch a very good demonstration and explanation of the blood moon occurrence by NASA.

In order to understand, what is special about this Tetrad, we will present you an overview of the most important facts.

For facts and an overview of the coming events continue reading on page 2.