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The Ultimate Christmas Quiz

What happened on Christmas for real?

Many of us have heard the Christmas story hundreds of times, seen plays and movies. We have seen cribs in churches and in homes. However – how much do we actually really know about the Christmas story as it is told in the Bible?

This yes-or-no Christmas quiz will allow you and your family and friends to have a great time around Christmas. It will help you to focus on the really important things in the Christmas season and you will have fun reading and discussing what does the Bible really says about Christmas.

It’s always about the question of what this is all just in the Bible, not about what could possibly happen!

Die lebensgroße Krippe im Lainzer Tiergarten

We promise: You will be surprised

Have FUN and be blessed! All questions can be answered with “Yes” or “No”. 


1. Mary and Joseph used a donkey for their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem: Mary rode and Joseph led the animal.

2. Mary and Joseph were rejected everywhere [1], as they were looking for a hotel [2] in Bethlehem.

3. Jesus was born during the first night in Bethlehem.

4. Jesus was laid as a newborn baby in a manger [3].

5. Mary and Joseph stayed either in a barn or in a cave, when Jesus was born.

6. An ox [4] and a donkey were present at birth.

7. At Christmas, an angel told the shepherds that in the future [5] there would be peace in the world.

8. The shepherds who first heard the news of the birth of Jesus, are a symbol for all those who are despised by society.

9. The wise men came 13 days after the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.

10 King Herod held Jesus for a rival [6].

11. The wise men found Jesus, because of a star standing over his dwelling-place.

12. Jesus was born in the night of December 25th.


[1] Not admitted
[2] apartment or room
[3] containers, out of which the animals are fed
[4] male cow
[5] from now on, in the future
[6] competitor


Please find the solutions on page 2