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T. Robbins & A Suicidal Girl… The Deep Need Of Every Woman

Tony Robbins is an American motivational speaker, personal finance instructor, and self-help author. He became well known from his infomercials and self-help books: Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within and Awaken the Giant Within.

The Deep Need Of Every Woman

In this short video clip, he is helping a suicidal 13-year-old girls to find new perspective for her life and to actually understand the background of her suicidal attempt. Tony is extending the teenager’s experience to all women in his audience, pointing out that the vast majority of all women have this one need. This longing is of such importance, that this teenage girls was willing to risk her life.

When teenager misbehave and do crazy naughty or dangerous things, their primary motivation is not that they want to be bad. Here you have a beautiful example how youth and also grown-ups might behave irrationally, their need is so great that they would do anything to get attention.

Then Tony makes connection to the men. Many men have a certain tunnel view. Whenever there is a problem they feel urged to fix it and find solutions. At the same time as this is a gifting it does not meet this primary need of a woman. When fixing the problem men are usually not opening up their hearts, and reaching out to people. The problem or the evolving project receive all the attention and are the center of the focus.

How would our relationships look like if we were to put people first? How would our marriages look like? How would our society look like?

Are we able to stop and listen? What would happen if we paused, open up our hearts? What if we had the courage and made ourselves vulnerable? Yes, we could get hurt – and that is the definition of dropping our deference, masks and protective walls to show WHO WE REALLY ARE. 

You cannot love without the risk of getting hurt.
Jesus totally loves us – He LOVED us so much that he went to the cross. He got hurt and took the worst of death upon him in order to give you eternal life. In the Gospels it is recorded that Jesus cries several times. To love means to open up for the risk of getting hurt, but without it you will never be able to love and to experience love.

Enjoy watching this amazing video – find out what women are looking deep in their hearts. As a woman, how would you react of better respond, if your needs are not met.
As a man – what if you took more time to simply listen and connect, if you dared to open up your heart more? What is you dropped your tough facade and you would show the real man that you are? Is it important to you to build deep relationships and make deep friendships?

You can find some very helpful insights here in this video.

Thanks to James Leonhardt for posting this video on FB!