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The Struggle Which Leads To Strength – The Butterfly And Its Cocoon

The True Story About The Struggling Butterfly

A man had found a cocoon on one of his plants in his garden. He was hoping it would be a cocoon of a beautiful butterfly and since the plant was in a pot he took it inside his house. He had the desire to watch a butterfly hatch for the first time in his life.. He placed it on his desk and after a few days he actually noticed some movement and some noises coming from the cocoon.

The man was super exited and watched the new butterfly bite a hole into the cocoon. He observed that the butterfly was trying to push himself through the hole and he realized that is was a very exhausting task for the little butterfly. After 15 minutes of watching the butterfly pushing and struggling, he decided to help the butterfly and cut the cocoon open with a tiny scissor.

The butterfly came out immediately and sat on the leaf. The man was expecting to see the wings unfold and the butterfly to display its beauty. However the wings unfold only a little bit and did not develop its proper shape and size.

After 30 minutes he called his friend a biologist and explained the situation. The friend replied: “By cutting the cocoon and helping the butterfly come out of its cocoon easily you crippled it. The butterfly needs to struggle in order to get its heartbeat up and to increase its blood pressure. Only then the butterfly is able to have the strength to push the blood into its wings for them to unfold. You butterfly will never be able to fly.”

What can we learn from this little story?

Surely you come up with your own valuable conclusions.

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