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Power and Control of and over Possessions

Who is in charge?

God wants us to have a good life and he loves to give. He is rich beyond our imagination and he is absolutely good. There is nothing he wants to hold back from us. However he cannot give us everything at any given point in time, because he loves us. We are not ready to handle everything He has in store for us and therefore He will protect us by giving us the right things at the right time.

Having a lot of possessions can lead us to think that we are the origin and creator of our wealth. It can lead us to think that we can depend on our wealth as our resource. Wealth has the potential to take us from God, give us a wrong sense of pride and independence from God.

God is always after our hearts and he never wants to share it. He wants to be our father and our provider. He wants to ensure that our hearts do not get lost to earthly things and possessions. It is better to enter into the kingdom of God living poorly on earth, than to loose life with lots of possessions.

God wants to give us material things, so we can use them, multiply them, give and share. He has asked us to look after the Earth and to look after people. He has asked us to especially look after widows and orphans, the orphans, the people groups who are not protected and who have no family member providing for them.

God has asked us to be stewards over the possessions he wants to entrust to us. He is giving us earthly possessions for a period of time for the time we are here on earth. We leave all behind. We were never meant to be owners – so don’t act like one.

Steward or Owner