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What If Christmas Was Happening Today?

Christmas – Is It A Season Of Love? Maybe more than that?

Did you ever wonder, how Christmas would look like if it was to occur today? What if Jesus came to this earth today? Who would notice? Who would care?


Today people are driven, they need to show success, beautiful pictures on FB and Instagram. People are stressed to get impressive presents and prepare delicious food.

How was your Christmas? Did you find time to relax and recharge? Were you able to get in touch with yourself and with your heart?

If Jesus had been born today, would you have taken the time to sit down and just marvel at the Child?

We make the Christmas story a warm and cozy anecdote. The truth is, there is a much deeper aspect to it and it would need to be more regarded to be a thriller with horror elements.

Could you have missed out anything during this Christmas?

Watch this clip and keep on reading below!

No matter what your answer is, I think we could all start to marvel at this tiny Child in a new and fresh way.

What is special about this child?

If Jesus was with God from the beginning, he came for heaven, the place all people long to go after this life. People who had a near death experience and saw heaven report, that it they feel immediately at home; they know they have been created to live there, a place full of life, energy and love. Not a single one has the desire to return to the life on this earth.

Jesus left it all behind, in order to prepare the way to heaven for you and me.

Jesus conception and pregnancy was extremely dangerous. During this period the Jewish law would require any adulterous man or woman to be killed by stoning. When Mary agreed to the pregnancy which was announced to her by an angel, she did not evaluate the danger she would enter into. It is a miracle that Joseph protected her and covered up Maries pregnancy. However – Jesus was surely despised for being an illegal child.

When Mary was about to give birth, she was forced to ride on a donkey for one week in order to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem, because the Romans had decided to count all the people in their empire. What a dangerous trip for a woman being highly pregnant, going on an exhausting trip, in the dust, heat and under the blazing sun. It was a trip where many travelers would be robbed. Mary could have fallen off the donkey and hurt herself or the child. This trip was very dangerous for mother and child.

When Jesus was a few days old and he had been visited by 3 wise men, the Jewish king, King Herod the Great, became very anxious that he would loose his power to this new baby. Ancient prophecies declared that the ruler of the world would be born in Bethlehem.

Since King Herod did not know which the exact child was and when it was born, he commanded his soldiers to massacre all baby boys up to the age of 2 year. Again, a miracle needed to take place: Joseph received a dream in the night, to get up immediately and to take his wife and baby Jesus to Egypt. It is assumed that the family had to stay for three years in Egypt as refugees, until King Herod had died.

Jesus left paradise and came into a world where he face terror, hatred and threat from the time even before he was born. If he is the son of God, he must love you and me indescribably much to choose us before heaven.