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[video] Carrie Underwood Was Pushed Not To Praise Jesus In Public, She Responded Heroicly

Have you ever felt pressured NOT to share your faith with other people?

Carrie Underwood is known for her beautiful voice – certainly one of the most beautiful voices of all times. However, today we do not want to recognize her for her musical skills, but for her courage to stand up for her belief and for her Lord Jesus.

Being a prominent person, the pressure of press and media can put enormous. Under this pressure Carrie did not give in and she continued to trust God and sing praises for Jesus in public. We believe that we can be inspired and learn from her. We have the best thing people could ever discover in their lives. God really loves us and He set us free from all sin and shame in order for us to have life overflowing and in abundance.

This message is too good to keep it a secret – we need to shout it from the roof tops AND we need to live it out. Show your neighbor that you care, put love into action and it will be more than thousand words.

Find out below how Carrie stood strong and took a stand for God.




Carrie Underwood 2005


Even though it seems like yesterday, Carrie started her carrier ten years ago in 2005 in the hit show American Idol.





Her new single, “Something In The Water” has caused quite a bit of controversy, as it centers around the name of Jesus Christ and what the Bible says about being ‘reborn’. It’s truly phenomenal, in our opinion!


In a recent performance, we got word that Carrie has come under heavy scrutiny by not only the pop industry but also the country music industry at times. Carries response was AMAZING.

Read her response and watch her video on page 2