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Avoid My Grandpa’s Four Critical Consequences Yielding To His EmotionĀ 😱

Don’t waste your potential and time by making my grandpa’s mistakes. Rather learn from other people’s mistakes instead of you going through the same situation and paying a high price unnecessarily.

From time to time we would visit my grandparents. This one day we had the chance to visit an amusement park with lots of attractions. I understood that my grandparents might not want to go on all the ride like a rollercoaster ride ā€“ they were old. We were all were looking forward to going with the whole family onto the big wheel. When we were all getting ready, I notice that my grandpa was standing to the side. Didnā€™t he want to join us? I asked my parents: ā€œDoes grandpa not want to come along?ā€ They answered quite briefly no ā€“ he does not feel well. As you certainly know young kids can be, very stubborn and persistent. This answer is not good enough. Who would want to miss out on a ride on a big wheel? So, I kept on digging for the truth, I needed to know the real reason behind my grandpa not joining us.

  It was several years ago when my grandma and my grandpa went on holiday in the mountains, in the Alpes. One day they decided to hike and to make it a bit easier, they were going to take a cable car to the top of the mountain and then hike down.
One the way going up in the cable car, my grandma noticed that my grandpa was a bit pale in his face. She took him by the hand and noticed that he was incredibly stiff. Concerned she asked him: ā€œAre you ok?ā€ My grandpa was not able to answer. Another mast for cable car came, you could hear the sound of the wheel going over the construction, and then the cable car was swinging again. My grandpa slipped the hand of my grandmother, held on with both hands to the pole in terror and fright. My grandma noticed that he had big drops of sweat on his forehead. Until they arrived at the summit, holding on to the pole, not daring to look out of the window my grandpa survived the next few minutes which seemed like hours to him. As he exited the cabin he was completely soaked from his sweat of fear.
Probably then and there he (maybe subconsciously) made a vow to himself: ā€œI will never go in a cable car again.ā€ So, he did, he never went to a place where he could see a steep drop off. He would go in a regular elevator, but never ever in his life did he take an elevator which was built on the outside of a building with glass windows where you could enjoy the view.
Looking back on his fear I still donā€™t know if there was anything in his life that triggered this anxiety of heights. My grandpa was in the second world war and he never shared any of his experiences. In those days it was not appropriate to talk about your emotions and you would better not show any weaknesses. I guess therefore there was no way for my grandfather to overcome his anxiety.
Today I am wondering how many views he could not see, how many summits could he not climb, how many experiences he missed out on, how often he limited himself, and failed to create special moments with his wife and his family.
We all have areas in our lives that can scare us. However, how we respond to fears is key to either living as an overcomer or living as a slave to our concerns.
Are you the type of person who makes decisions based on fear? Does fear hold you back from action, do you know if your hindrances are real? Fear is a mixed feeling of reverence and dread. Why should you overcome fear? Here are the four most scalable reasons to conquer fear which will help you to reject limiting feelings and emotions.

Four Reasons Why We Should Overcome Our Fears

1. Fear suppresses your potential

Fear prevents personal growth and progress in life. It limits you to live your version of yourself and become a person living on a higher level and having more influence. Overcoming fear expands the opportunities and possibilities that surround our lives. When you let fear drive your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and decisions, you reduce your mind to a slave of your fears. The state is very disempowering; everything you do or every decision you make is a result of fear, rather than your desire reflecting your true potential. If you entrench off in the land of fear, you can never achieve higher levels of consciousness. Consequently, you will limit your relationships or your level of income, your health, or your joy and your level of living a fulfilled life.

2. Most fears exist only in your mind and never materializes

Yes, there had been cable car accidents. However, the likelihood for my grandpa to get stuck or hurt in a cable car was minimal, close to zero.
Why let yourself be scared by a scarecrow which only looks scary, but it is harmless? Fear is similar. It is based on the danger perceived in your mind. The feeling arises when the brain formulates a perception that non-physical threats are actual dangers, which is false. For instance, most people fear public speaking which is physically harmless. Most people develop the thought of people judging them, slipping up, and the terrible embarrassment and humiliation and the embarrassment that results. These thoughts and fears exist only in your mind.

3. Fear wastes your energy

Irrational fear is a squander of mental and emotional strength. Every time you indulge in your fears, you nurture more illogic non-constructive thoughts feeding their energy. Relax and process the situation in order to identify solutions. Fear triggers adrenaline that increases significantly physical performance and most of the time reduces your mental performance. When however you are not physically escaping your dangerous situation, because the fear is triggered by a mental picture and not are a real physical threat like a lion, the adrenaline levels will not be reduced and your body will continue to be in alert mode, an extremely intense and stressful state. Being exposed to such a level of stress on a regular basis can result in physical, emotional, and neurological health issues. Tummy issues, forgetfulness, impatience, jittery nerves, and even heart attacks can be traced back to stress. Overcoming your fears will help you to develop sound thoughts accompanied by positive emotions and in the end, you will be able to live a healthy lifestyle.

4. Fear is pervasive

My grandpa was probably not a courageous man. His fear of heights was just one part of his life that he did not seem to conquer and to gain control over. In public, he was a quiet person and would not be visible. My grandma told me that my grandpa dreaded the day of his golden wedding celebration (fiftieth anniversary). Of course, it would be the custom to address friends and family with a speech. Despite us being a small family and the celebration was only held in a small circle he refused to hold a speech.
One area of insecurity can easily spread and impact other areas of your life. If fear controls one area of your life, it eats on your self-confidence. A corrupted self-image will lower your self-confidence, and therefore you will be less resilient, less determined, and less powerful in tough times. You will be more vulnerable, and your behavior and your decisions will be most likely based on your fears and not on your potential.
Even if you do not have a problem with fear right now, it is always good to be alert because fear is prevalent: Bad news bombards us on TV, friends being skeptical and critical about their economic future, family members are dreading sickness, bosses enforce their decisions by announcing threats and intimidating consequences, simply by installing fear.
The only way to escape the fear trap is to deal with fear, otherwise, you will give it the power to permeate your life and patronize your decisions. Running away, avoiding, and escaping your fear can give you a delusion of security for a short moment. No matter how fast you run, you will not be able to outrun your fears. The fearful moments might appear any time again and as they prevail in your mind you are just living in the confinement of fear.
Fear is like cancer, initially, only a few cells are affected. Not treated, however, cancer can grow and in the worst-case spread out and kill the whole body.
Learn to deal with fears and learn how to overcome fear as soon as you detect unrestful occupying your mind. In the early stages, fears are relatively small and manageable you have the best chances to overcome your fears. The sooner you resist your fears the easier you will break free and you will be able to grow and to become the best version of yourself instead of just being a fragment of who you could be.

Your comments and your feedback to my previous emails have been hugely encouraging and inspiring to me – so much that I decided to design a new course for how to handle concerns in a positive way and how to overcome fears. I called the program FEARLESS YOU where I am sharing my tools and techniques to get clarity on what kind of concern or fear you have. You will be empowered to address real actual threats and you will learn how to obliterates irrational fears.

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