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Are Christians Persecuted In The US? 2 Officers Were Forced To Choose Between Their Faith Or Their Job

Do Tough Times Make Us Bitter or Better?

Two police officers from Cartersville, Georgia were reaching out and praying with inmates on their time off. Amanda Pettepher and David Bojczuk would take every third Thursday to spend time down at the jail to offer prayers and read the Bible to interested inmates.

After 11 months they were forced to choose their job or their faith. How did they decide?

Amanda was asked if this situation had affected her faith and David shared personal insights answering the question:

“Are Christians persecuted in the US?”

Watch and find out which path Amanda and David choose to take.

In any case, lets take this precious story and  learn that we as the body of Christ need to stand closely together as one body, one unit. We need to reach out to other brothers and sister who are battling with their life circumstance and maybe even their faith. Let us strengthen each other, as some of us are going through tough times, and it is wise to practice and prepare now in case the situation for the body of Christ is getting tighter in the US and around the world.