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6 Godly Steps To Never Quit Again

Do you know God? Do you know HE truly loves you, no matter where you are or what you did? HIS love for you does not depend on your good deeds or spiritual exercises. HE IS LOVE, it is HIS character that HE loves you.

HE is for you, HE has the best intentions for you, HIS plans for you are perfect AND HE has all the power!

There is no reason for you to give up. All you need to do is to

  • place your trust in HIM.
  • let HIM know your needs, ask.
  • thank HIM that HE has heard your prayer.
  • have faith that HE is working on your behalf
  • be patient, HIS answer comes at the perfect time.
  • when HE answers, be ready and prepared to act.


If you go through a stormy season, focus on God’s character

Find out why God makes you wait


From our experience God is always interested in your personal development and shaping your character. Many times HE will invite you to co-operate in achieving your breakthrough by asking you to take a step in faith. God is looking to grow you in every situation.

Ask and it will be given, be ready to receive!

Seek and you will find your answers, be ready to listen!

Request, knock and the door will be opened, be ready to walk through the door! (according to Matthew 7,7)